PROGRAM SCHEDULE / Saturday, September 30, 2023

12:00 PM – Departure by bus from Zagreb – in front of Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb

3:00 PM MEMORIAL TOUR – Visiting and expert guidance to monuments:
Kamenski Vučjak / EDO MURTIĆ – Mosaic Šušnjar Battle
Kamenski Vučjak / ZDENKO KOLACIO – Monument to the victims of the Šušnjar Battle

4:00 PM Lunch – Kamenski Vučjak near the Zdenko Kolacija monument

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM KAMENSKA program at the location of Vojin Bakić’s monument “Monument to the Victory of the People of Slavonia”: Multimedia installation “The Silence that Toppled the Monument,” by Sandro Đukić, accompanied by musical interpretation of the monument titled “Re-Anemo”, composed and performed by Marko Paunović (sound art).


Multimedia installation at the Kamenska location, September 30, 2023, by Sandro Đukić, music by Marko Paunović.

Music performance at the event

Jovana Lukić
Medan roso gdje si zimovala
Moj nevene, šestopere

Marko Paunović

“The most important struggle is to break the form.”
Julian Beck, Rio de Janeiro, October 14, 1970.

Although the wordplay of Re*-Anemo** initially suggests resuscitation or revival, its original meaning lies in evoking the sonic vortex created during the transfer of wind from all directions through the former Bakić (and Seissel’s) monument in Kamensko.
* re- (Latin ge-) Latin / Romance prefix (in Italian ri-) which in compounds means: back, against, again, once more.
** anemo- (Greek anemos) prefix in compounds with the meaning: wind.
The composition itself questions the potential of sound flowing through the contours of the sculpture (concavity, absence of positivity…). The cuts, decorations of negligible duration, are nothing more than flashes, reflections, refractions of light. Field recording, as an important integral part of this audio work, is a grounding layer and serves to emphasize the visual (visible) relationship between the colossal ‘leafy form’ and the surrounding, gentle, hilly terrain. While the reduced dynamics, solemn atmosphere, and repetitive ambiance outline the frozen-in-time brilliance of the monumental plastic, coming from the off, the deep, destructive dro)))ne sound leaves the listeners the possibility of interpretation, thus placing them in the role of active participants.

“Exploring the auditory potential of melancholic landscapes, using extensive manipulation of four-channel magnetic tapes, reverberated and looped audio fragments, Marko Paunović places emphasis on the intrinsic (drone) atmosphere or the pure sonic content of vocal (primarily choral) performance in his work. The avant-garde and neo-avant-garde movements of the 20th century, especially ‘individual mythologies,’ have had a decisive influence on this author, and in his compositions, he often resorts to reviving sound archives.”