Opening of the exhibition: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at 7 p.m., SKD “Prosvjeta”, Preradovićeva 21, Zagreb
Authors of the exhibition: Eugen Jakovčić and Davorka Perić

The exhibition focuses on the processes of construction and demolition of the sculpture, as well as the social context and media reactions that follow the creation and disappearance of Vojin Bakić’s sculpture Monument to the Victory of the People of Slavonia.
At the time of its creation, this leafy form was the largest abstract sculpture in Europe, and one would come across it while leafing through books by Herberta Read, Venturi, and other important art historians. It was equally unavoidable in the media, and articles about the sculpture were published by Start, Vjesnik, Glas Slavonije, and 4. Jul from Belgrade.  

In addition to the sculptor Vojin Bakić and the architect Josip Seissla, engineers from the Maritime Institute in Zagreb and the Aviation Institute in Belgrade participated in the complex engineering process of the creation of the sculpture. It is also worth mentioning that the sculpture was created thanks to the donations (“self-contribution” as it was called back then) of the people of Slavonia.

In the period from February 19 to 21, 1992, the sculpture was mined nine times and then demolished to the ground and turned into a secondary raw material. In addition to one of the rare remaining fragments of the sculpture, a piece of reflective stainless steel, there will also be exhibited photographs of the demolished monument and documents such as the one from the State Hydrometeorological Institute (DHMZ) on the weather forecast on February 21, 1992, when the media reported that a strong wind had brought down the monument. DHMZ testifies that the wind blowing at that time was classified as “Calm” (or ‘Silence’ in Croatian wind classification) on the Beaufort scale.

The focus of the exhibition is the breaking of silence through the virtual reconstruction of the monument and the creation of resistance to collective amnesia related to the work of Vojin Bakić, through the art installation by the multimedia artist Sandro Đukić, as well as the documentation of its performance on September 30, 2023, at the location of the demolished monument in Kamenska.

Photo documentation from the exhibition opening